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AirRunner Networks Email Operational Issues

If you have email with us now, you had email with us when we had a POP3 email server. The new server is different, it's a IMAP server. While IMAP has many benefits such as being able to get your email from any computer anywhere if you know your user name and password. It has one major difference, in the past on the POP3 server you downloaded your email to your PC and the server was empty of your email until you received new email. Now on the IMAP server, all of your email gets stored on the email server. This means that if you get a lot of junk mail and you do not get rid of it by deleting that mail, it takes up the amount of allotted storage you get from us.

Purge your Junk Mail

If you find that you are not getting any new email, you have probably hit your quota of storage space. We [Tech Support] get a weekly list of users who have hit 85% of their storage space, so we know who you are. But you, as an end user must delete your garbage or previously read email to make space.